As your media buying and planning agency, we will aggressively negotiate media terms and track all your advertising results. Simply put, we will negotiate the best rates possible for our clients contracts and carry them out quickly and efficiently.

AMI Advertising Agency is a full-service firm who provides TV, radio, magazines, billboards, Internet advertising and a myriad of other services with quantifiable results. AMI Ad Agency creates the most effective placement, frequency, sizes and color spaces of your ads. All ad placement is based upon your customized strategic plan and budget. 

Steps to consider when hiring a media buying agency. (Media Buying 101)

1. Does your media buying agency offer media buying planning? This is an important factor.  Without a proper planning your media buying budget could be gone before your new TV Commercial is finished in production.

2. Does your media buying agency utilized media buying software?  Many media buying agencies simply place your buys based on what and who they know.  This can be effective if you are targeting the same customers with your marketing message.  Media buying software is what seperates the major agencies from the locals. 

3. Does your media buying agency have the know-how and resources to include your business in digital media buying?  Digital media buying is very different from traditional advertising, thus it requires a media buying agency with the power to utilize and compete for your business in the digital marketing world.

Case Study

Recently, we saved our client in Anchorage Alaska 40 percent more on their TV broadcast than the year prior. Not only did we negotiate a lower price, but we negotiated a higher frequency of their broadcast at better times.

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