AMI Advertising Agency was hired as agency of record by Castillo De Feliciana on an annual contract to develop the winery's existing brand and increase annual case sales. After an extensive evaluation of Castillo De Feliciana’s business model, as well as their past advertising efforts, AMI created the following strategies:

  • Distributor Sales Strategy
  • Wine Club Strategy
  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Digital Media Advertising Strategy
  • Event Marketing Strategy
  • Media Plan & Media Buys
  • Creative Strategy
  • Re-Designed website with shopping cart and Wine Club features
  • New varietal execution and design 

The sales and marketing strategy was designed to increase awareness of both trade partners and media. Specific trade POS and presentation materials were sent to retail, distributors, and restaurateurs with tracking metrics to evaluate performance. AMI secured new distributorship agreements and even added another retail store (Albertsons) for distribution.

The public relations strategy was new for this client as they didn't have one to begin with. AMI has created viral public relations campaigns both regionally and locally to increase awareness. The latest campaign resulted in more than 19,000 targeted wine enthusiasts using local impressions (Eastern Washington), spikes in website traffic and increased social media engagement. Targeted use of influential wine bloggers (with more than 1 million followers per blogger) was used as another element to the Digital Media strategy.

The success of the campaign so far has been measured by increased case/bottle sales month after month. On the digital and social media side, measured success has been through milestone gains, such as click-through numbers, likes, website analytics, etc. POS QR codes and smart-phone scanning capabilities have measured success at the retail and distributor level.

The re-design of the all the winery collateral lends to a greater sense of credibility as the previous collateral was homemade by the client.

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