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Does Rebranding Even Matter?


You know that little logo on your pen or your website? It matters, right?

Advertising agencies around the world spend countless hours thinking about colors, designs, logos and other elements that make up a client’s brand. Why would they spend so much time doing this? It’s all about emotions and how you feel.

Believe it. Your customers or clients react emotionally to your product, its packaging and the experience they have at your business. They react to colors, designs, smells and what they hear. Advertising agencies like AMI spend so much time thinking about these aspects of your brand to enhance them and make sure the customer feels happy, excited and wants what you’ve got for products or services. When customers and clients are happy and buy from you, you earn money.


BP Vintage 1

Contemporary BP 1



But I Have a Brand! Don’t Touch It!

You emotionally connect with your current brand and are pleased with it. But, are your customers? Maybe sales are lagging and you can’t quite figure out why. Are you trying to reach new markets? Does your brand best reflect your customer, their style, their technology as well as where your company wants to be in 30 years? Maybe it’s time to rebrand.


Coca-Cola Vintage 1Coca-Cola Contemporary 1

Here’s How We’ll Help

Like they always say, admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it. When you have decided that it’s time to update the face of your company, come see us at AMI. It doesn’t have to be a huge overhaul. Coca-Cola has kept its red and white colors since it was created in 1886. In the 1980s, the successful company tweaked the font style on the can a bit and even launched it into space – literally. This beloved brand has made small changes over time to keep its brand fresh.

Or maybe you do need an overhaul. BP, or British Petroleum, went from an outdated-looking crest to a friendly, energetic sunburst with modern typography when it wanted to be better known as an international brand in 2000. BP’s customers included a different demographic than before and the company had added on Amoco, ARCO and Castrol, and so it needed a fresh face.

Whether it’s a big or small change needed for your branding to create positive reactions for customers, AMI approaches your new look in similar ways. AMI will conduct historical reviews of brand elements in media across all verticals. We will use tools such as focus groups, analytics, social media studies and more to best determine a solid plan for your brand. Once the plan is in place AMI, in most cases, executes the plan.

We are experts at launching your new brand and making sure it remains consistent on advertising, signage, business cards and even often overlooked pieces like email signatures. But why does a new, consistent face matter?

When launched correctly, your customers will be able to see the colors or hear the radio jingle and know it’s you and remind them what a great company you are. When customers love brands, think Starbucks and Apple, they return to use the company’s services and products over and over again. We call them brand ambassadors. That’s the kind of customer you want because they will stay loyal and purchase products and services from your company for years to come.


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