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What I learned about advertising I learned on the playground

Business is like a Playground
While sitting at the playground with my five-year-old running around, I began to reflect on all of the great things owning an advertising agency has allowed me to achieve. Being the creative director, my mind went into full creative mode and I began to see all of the little ones running around as little businesses and the playground was the business world in which they laughed, shared, climbed and cried. 

I began to see why so many businesses make the same mistakes in their advertising. Starting at a very young age we are comfortable following others. We tend to allow the status quo. We follow others all the way up to the big blue slide, stand in line and blindly jump down the tube because we saw the little one in front of us do it, not knowing there is a huge pile up at the bottom.  Do you ever wonder why your company’s advertising looks a lot like your competitors? 

Have you ever noticed on the playground only a handful of kids climb up the jungle gym, choosing the hardest path to reach the top? Sometimes they are hanging by a fingertip just to get around the massive congestion of kids taking the safe route on their quest for Mt. Everest-like glory. I label those businesses the risk takers and my ideal client. When was the last time you took a risk in your advertising creative? 

Oh but then there is the famous look of terror these risk takers have that once they reach the top -- they realize they didn’t have a plan of getting down. 

That’s when hiring a creative agency like AMI Advertising Agency comes in. Creative agencies are comfortable at the top. They have walked countless clients through the ebbs and flows of advertising. They make a company’s advertising stand out from the crowd. They develop strategies for clients in areas such as creative, public relations, media buying and digital advertising. 

 A great example of this is one of AMI’s health care clients has witnessed a 30 percent growth in new patient encounters as a result of using our strategic agency, creative agency, media buying agency, digital agency and public relations agency divisions. Our automotive client has recorded a 20 percent increase in revenues simply by hiring our media buying and creative agency divisions, which developed annual plans and executed those plans. 

So what did I learn about advertising from the playground? Don’t follow one another in business because eventually you’ll get hurt. On your quest to the top have a plan. Wear jeans when using the slide on a hot day. Every business is your best friend until their parents pick them up from the park. 



Jeff Wright Partner and Creative Director 

AMI Advertising Agency 

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